PolyLite-PLA-purple.pngPolyLite™ PLA

PolyLite™ PLA is a high-quality PLA designed for reliability and ease of printing.

PolyLite-ABS-teal.pngPolyLite™ ABS

PolyLite™ ABS is made with a specialty bulk-polymerized ABS resin, which has significantly lower volatile content compared to traditional ABS resins. It delivers excellent printing quality with minimal odor during printing.

PolyLite-PETG-black.pngPolyLite™ PETG

PolyLite™ PETG is an affordable PETG filament with balanced mechanical properties and ease of printing.

PolyLite-PC.pngPolyLite™ PC

PolyLite™ PC is produced using a polycarbonate resin specifically engineered for 3D printing. It delivers good stiffness and heat resistance with light diffusing properties.

PolyLite_ASA_ Red_175_Spool_Picture_AsymmetricPolyLite™ ASA

PolyLite™ ASA is an alternative to ABS with an improved weather resistance. Its UV resistance and excellent mechanical properties make it the perfect choice for real life application.


PolyLite™ is a family of 3D printing filaments made with the best raw materials to deliver exceptional quality and reliability. PolyLite™ covers the most popular 3D printing materials to meet your everyday needs in design and prototyping.


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