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3DXSTAT™ ESD PA12 is made using a specialty Nylon 12 [PA12] and CNT matrix. This material offers an excellent combination of performance and printability.  Our formula offers low moisture uptake, excellent chemical/solvent resistance, high thermal properties (up to 150°C end-use), and excellent mechanical properties needed for industrial applications.

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3DXSTAT™ ESD PA12 3D Printing Filament

3DXSTAT™ ESD PA12 is made using a specialty Nylon 12 (PA12) and CNT matrix that we chose for it’s printability, thermal properties, and chemical resistance. ESD PA12 is widely used in a variety of industries due to its excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and wide processing window. Our formulation ensures very low shrinkage in the printed part resulting in excellent dimensional stability, making our ESD PA12 an excellent choice for tools, fixtures, and jigs.

Gearbox HT2™ 3D Printer: Print industrial-grade parts using our ESD PA12 and more with the new Gearbox™ HT2 High-Temp 3D Printer.

Print Recommendations

Ext Temp 1

Extruder Temp

Bed Temp

Bed Temp

Chamber Temp

Heated Chamber

Nozzle Settings

Nozzle Specs
0.4mm diameter minimum
Hardened Steel Nozzle

Bed Adhesion

Bed Adhesion
Nano Polymer Adhesive

Layer Height

Layer Height
0.25mm or higher

Drying Filamen

Drying Specs
90°C for 4 hours

Benefits of ESD PA12 Includes:

  • ESD-Safe performance for demanding E/E, Semi-con, Automotive, and Industrial applications.
  • High thermal properties, with an HDT of 150°C
  • Very low moisture absorption yielding improved retention of mechanical properties even when exposed to humid environments
  • Low density makes it ideal for light-weight parts
  • Superior chemical resistances, especially when compared to PA6 and PA6/66 nylons
  • Excellent dimensional stability and reproducible part-to-part measurements

Filament Specifications:

1.75mm and 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm in diameter

Recommended Print Settings:

  • Extruder: 275-295°C
  • Bed Temp: 90-110°C
  • Nozzle: We currently recommend a hardened steel nozzle with a minimum diameter of 0.4mm
  • Other: Ideal layer height is 60% of nozzle diameter. We do not recommend printing layers smaller than 0.2mm with carbon fiber reinforced filaments
  • Bed Prep: Magigoo Bed Prep and 3DXTECH Polyimide Tape gives us the best results
  • Heated Chamber: Recommended, up to 145°C
  • Supports: AquaTek™ water soluble X1 USM Universal Support Material is designed to work with complex models
  • Drying Instructions:  If this material exhibits signs of moisture, dry at 90°C for a min of 4 hours

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