Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Powder sintering
qualified process
Reliable Quality

Complex geometries

Intricate geometries can be produced seamlessly to improve the functionality & aesthetics

Jigs & fixtures

Load bearing fixtures for holding complex components

Fully functional prototypes

High mechanical and thermal properties with excellent final quality

Medical devices

Due to bio-compatibility nature it can be used for medical environments and good for autoclaving

Robotics and mechanical assemblies

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End use spare-parts

Produce on-demand spare parts when replacement needed

Nylon PA220

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Nylon 3200 GF

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Nylon PA2241 FR

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EOS TPU 1301

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Polypropylene (PP)

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Nylon PA2210 FR

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Build Volume:

340 x 340 x 600mm

Lead time

3-5 days*

Standard Accuracy

+/- 0.15 mm

Surface finish

Matte grainy finish

Layer thickness

depending on material

Minimum Wall thickness

1 mm

*Depending on part size and Quantity

Tapping and screw inserts

cutting a thread inside a hole to facilitate for easy fastening by screw or bolt

ESD & waterproof coating

Coating for clean-room environment ESD safe and waterproofing for marine application

Vibration Tumbling

Deburr sharp and internal surfaces with vibratory media to improve the surface finish

Spray Painting

Coating with high quality paint with different color codes, glossy and matte finishing

Color Dyeing

Application dye or pigment over the printed parts to make colourful and smoother enough

Vapourfuse smoothing

Chemical treatment which fuses the layers and improve surface finish/aesthetics

What are the Benefits of SLS 3D Printing for the Production?

Laser based SLS printing has been one of the go-to methods for rapid prototyping, especially for batch production of custom parts. In industrial-scale applications, it is a reliable, precise, and fast method that has stood the test of time

Freedom of design

Complex structures

Increased productivity level

Industry Tailored solutions