Conformal Cooling

Improved cooling
tool life improvement
Increased productivity

Tooling inserts & Mould

Complex precision molded parts require tools to improve the existing process cycle time

Die & Mould Industry

Reduce part rejection rate due to warpage and reduce cycle time

Heat Exchangers & Heatsinks

light weighting of part and improve thermal performance of the design using lattice structures

Hydraulic manifolds

improve flow performance and efficiency by oblique channels

Layer thickness

0.05 – 1 mm

Max dimensions

250 x 250 x 325 mm and 400 x 400 x 400 mm

Minimum Wall thickness

0.8 – 1 mm

Standard Accuracy

± 0.2% (with lower limit on ± 0.2 mm)

Lead Time

Minimum 10-14 working days for dispatch

Surface finish

1.6-9 μm Ra depending on post-processing

What are the Benefits of conformal cooling for the Production?

Conformal cooling can benefit all types of molded parts, especially complex parts. However, you do not necessarily need to 3D print your entire mold—the key is to detect the areas that would benefit from conformal cooling and use AM only for those areas.

Freedom of design

Complex structures

Increased productivity level

Industry Tailored solutions