Meltio M600 Industrial Metal 3D Printer


Meltio M600 Industrial Metal 3D Printer

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Enhance your manufacturing prowess with the Meltio M600 Industrial Metal 3D Printer. Featuring blue lasers, a spacious build volume, and a fully inert chamber, it ensures optimal material properties. With improved process control, advanced sensors, and real-time monitoring, printing becomes effortless, enabling consistent part production round the clock.

The Meltio M600 is equipped with a built-in 3-axis probing system and versatile work-holding solutions, making it the perfect ally for your manufacturing endeavors.

“Blue is the new green” emphasizes the energy-efficient nature of our technology. With augmented energy delivery efficiency, our system minimizes electricity consumption, leading to significant cost savings, all thanks to the implementation of blue laser diodes.

Blue Light: Our 450 nm light wavelength enhances energy absorption and printing efficiency across a wide range of metal materials.

Hotwire Compatible: The deposition head is designed to seamlessly integrate with an optional hotwire supply, boosting deposition rates and expanding material processing capabilities.

No Calibration: Your printer arrives pre-aligned from the factory, ensuring maximum printing repeatability and minimal maintenance requirements.

High Efficiency: Our system drastically reduces energy consumption per component, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manufacturing process.


Technical Specifications

Upgrades and Accessories

Hot Wire:

Programmable power supply that preheats the material to increase the deposition rate

External Wire Drum Connection:

Connect external wire drums to the M600, allowing the use of 100kg and 200kg material packs


This option allows for sequential 3D Printing of up to 4 materials with very fast automatic wire switches

Zero Point Clamping System:

Accurately and quickly couple fixture plates to the print bed of the M600 for production


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