Sintratec Kit

With many awards and nominations under its belt, The Sintratec Kit is the ideal first step into the world of Additive Manufacturing with the ability to produce functional prototypes. The Kit can be integrated in any production environment and user friendly.

Sintratec S2

Turn your ideas into reality within a short period of time, layer by layer at a high speed in the scalable compact system of Sintratec S2. The S2 is a modular SLS production system that can be expanded as needed to suit your capabilities. The Sintratec S2 harnesses tremendous potential in professional prototyping and optimise your applications.


AESUB Blue Spray is a state of the art scanning spray that disappears over time thus needing no cleaning. When sprayed, a thin and homogenous coating is applied which allows for the spray to disappear effectively without trace

AESUB White Scanning Spray

AESUB White Spray is a state of the art scanning spray that is permanent but can be easily cleaned off. When sprayed, a thin homogenous coating is applied and with that, shiny and black surfaces can be picked up with ease on 3D Scanners thus making the uses very versatile.